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Education Department: 
Building Bright Futures together

Bienvenidos to this webpage developed by the education department here at HoPe, Inc!

We hope this page serves as a resource for students and families in the process of developing their post-secondary plans after high school. This webpage is brought to you by our amazing education team, comprised of volunteer college students and young professionals, united by the belief that Hispanic and Latino youth are capable of achieving great success upon graduation. Our education team strives to connect you—a member of our community—with the tools necessary to build a bright future.





Our education team offers online (via telephone calls and Zoom sessions) and in-person educational consultations. These bilingual (Spanish and English) services are brought to HoPe members and our community at large for FREE through our partnership with la Ventanilla de Orientación Educativa (VOE - the Educational Guidance Window) at the General Consulate of Mexico in Atlanta.

In-person consultations are available with no appointment necessary at the Consulate's facilities (address: 1700 Chantilly Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30324) on Wednesdays from 10:00 am to 02:00 pm eastern time.


You can now access past educational programming hosted by HoPe, Inc and la Ventanilla de Orientación Educativa, by visiting us on our Youtube channel @ihopestrong and clicking on the playlist titled "HoPe's Education Programs".

Featured here is our March 2022 program, Noche de FAFSA—a session hosted by César Lopez, our Director of Education and liaison with la Ventanilla de Orientacion Educativa at el Consulado General de Mexico. 



Have you checked out the academic and college access resources that your state offers? If not, you should definitely start there as you progress towards your graduation and planning for life after high school. Click on your state below for easy access to government and organizational resources at your finger tips.

HOPE NATION 2022-2023

post-secondary transition guides

Beyond the state resources mentioned in the respective .pdf guides above, there are many resources available for high school students across a variety of different topics! Check these brief guides for information on the following academic and college-access-related topics. 

If there is a topic not mentioned here that you are interested in exploring, please consider requesting an educational consultation through the form above. 

resources for Immigrant students 

alumni spotlight

indira islas

"As immigrants, we have already faced much adversity, but we have also proven so many wrong along the way. We will continue to face obstacles, but we cannot let them define us ... We may not see a clear path to the future yet, but we know that we have great strength inside us and great friends at our back. And so, we will keep going, no matter what confronts us. ” -- Indira Islas

Informed Immigrant and the FWD University Program launched a series of guides for Undocumented students. Through their advocacy, networks, and research, the personnel at have access to so much information. This guide is a step towards making that knowledge accessible to the folks we fight for, particularly undocumented youth.​

Guide for High School Students 

Guide for High School Students: Walks students through a variety of options available to them after high school including entering the workforce, enrolling in a trade school, and applying to college. (ENGLISH | SPANISH)

• a legacy built together •

 2,700 High School Students in 2022 across 71 Leadership Chapters in 3 States.
13 Generations of Students with 4,000 Alumni all across the United States.
Community Leaders • World Changers • Success Stories

Graduating classes of legacy leaders

“We are who we are today because someone else loved us so much that they were willing to turn down stability and comfort so that they would pass those privileges down to us.” - Melissa Juarez, Legacy Leader and Class Speaker for Class of 2019. 

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