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David and Angela, known as DNA among the HoPe Family, started their journey as founders of HoPe at 18 and 20 years old while attending the University of North Georgia. The two may have met for the first time at a college orientation, but their journey together started much sooner. DNA both attended North Gwinnett High School and received mentorship from their Graduation Coach, Mrs. Kimberly Murphy. Graduating two years prior to David, Angela began a movement within the Hispanic students at North Gwinnett, which David would consequently continue as a high school senior. Their families lived 2 miles away from each other, but the two never met during their high school years. 


DNA met at a college orientation through a mutual friend. DNA, both undocumented students, shared a deep passion to help other Hispanic/Latinx achieve their educational and career goals. They both experienced first hand the difficulties of navigating life as an Hispanic/Latinx undocumented student, and wanted to make sure other students could receive the community and resources they needed to be successful. 

On a cold January day, while the two sat across from each other at a local Wendy's restaurant, they discussed ideas of what they could do to make a change in their community. As they began to finish their meal, they took out a yellow napkin (yes, the Wendy's napkins were yellow back then) and a black pen, and made the decision to create a nonprofit. 


As the two contemplated names for this new organization, they remembered their mentors favorite word in Spanish, "esperanza." So they wrote ESPERANZA on the napkin and began to fill it in as an acronym... it was too long of a word. So they translated it in English:


HOPE, Hispanic Organization Promoting Education


Little did the two know what that acronym, HOPE, would come to mean for thousands of students in the years to come. 

That cold January day at Wendy's changed the life of David and Angela forever. In the coming years, the two would find themselves putting aside all personal career goals to focus on this newfound calling that had been placed in their life: providing a community for students to succeed in their high schools through leadership development, educational guidance and resources, and community service initiatives. 

David and Angela have been recognized individually and as a couple for their dedication and commitment to the betterment of our community. They have chosen to dedicate their life to seeing all students, regardless of background, have the opportunities and resources they need to succeed. 

Personally, David and Angela have been married since 2014 and live in Georgia with their 3 daughters: Kaylee, Audrey and Zoey. 

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