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Central to the work that we do with students is the belief and understanding that our students are capable of leaving behind positive and impactful legacies—in their leadership chapters, their high schools, and broader communities. The HoPe Legacy Scholarship is intended to recognize the hard work, personal aspirations, and the life-long legacy yet to be created by HoPe members. 

This scholarship opportunity is made a reality thanks to the support of community partners who wish to pour into the work we do with high school students, their families, and our communities. It is with the support of many of our partners, parents, educators, and community members that we are able to empower students to leave behind their own legacies in their schools and beyond.



This scholarship opportunity will close on March 31st, 2024, at 11:59 PM EST.

  • Puedes enviar tus ensayos cortos y tu respuesta en video en español. Asegúrete de seleccionar la opción para traducir la solicitud; esta opción se encuentra en la esquina derecha de tu pantalla.

  • Late submissions are not allowed and will not be taken into consideration.

  • Students must contact us at if they encounter issues submitting their applications.

The platform we are using is Jotform. This platform does not allow you to save a draft of your responses. Thus, we encourage you to preview the application, prepare your materials, and revisit the application when ready to submit. 

Our Chapter Education Coordinator, Melanie Castro-Coronado, will be available to help students who need additional support with their application. If you need support or have any questions, please register below to receive the Zoom link to join at any time between the time frames notes below:

  • Student Drop-In Hours on Zoom:


  • This opportunity is open to all high school SENIORS who are CURRENT Legacy Leaders or paid members of an official HoPe Leadership Chapter (or "HoPe Club").

  • The selection committee will confirm an applicant's active membership and participation as a part of the selection process. 

  • When confirming your membership, our team will determine if:

    • you are a Legacy Leader in good standing with HoPe

    • you are a paid Chapter Member on track to get a HoPe Cord from your school. 

  • This scholarship opportunity has no immigration status criteria; thus students who may not be U.S. Citizens, Legal Permanent Residents, or other eligible non-citizens are highly encouraged to apply—this includes but is not limited to Undocumented students, DACA recipients, TPS recipients, and students who are L-/H-/U-Visa holders.


  • Thanks to the support of our incredible donors, HoPe will be awarding multiple 1- year $1,000 scholarships.

  • Scholarship checks are disbursed directly to students come May 2024—funds are to be used to cover educational expenses related to a certification or diploma, associate, or bachelors-degree program at a 2-year or 4-year institution.​

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Adriana Breña 

"Being a 2023 HoPe Legacy Scholar means that my academic achievements have awarded and relieved me of financial stress, for which I am immensely grateful."


Samuel Gonzalez

"My family and I feel extremely blessed to be recognized as a HoPe Legacy Scholar because I can pursue dreams that weren't possible before due to the immense support and sense of community that HoPe has provided me with."


Jessica Matias

"Being a 2023 HoPe Legacy Scholar is a blessing knowing that I have the privilege to not just only be a role model to many younger generations, but most importantly to my younger sister by setting that example of dedication and hardworking."

Fabio Legacy Scholar 2_edited.jpg

Fabio Avila

"Being named a 2023 HoPe Legacy Scholar is an incredible accomplishment for my family and me, as it acknowledges our unwavering dedication to improving our community and recognizes the value of our hard work."


Gabriela Ortega

"I feel very grateful to have been selected to receive the HoPe Legacy Scholarship 2023, it is a great honor to have been part of HoPe and to have received so many beautiful experiences that today make me a better person. I hope you continue to inspire the Hispanic community to continue to achieve their dreams."

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