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Purchase your "10 Year's of HoPe" T-shirt Today!


Material: Gildan Ultra 100% Cotton T-shirt. Durable, comfortable, and built to last.


"10 years ago, a yellow napkin became the cornerstone of a movement: The HoPe Movement. An organization who has broken down barriers, empowered lives, impacted communities and continues to do so TODAY. 10 years ago, 2 individuals decided to go on a crazy adventure and began a nonprofit after writing down the official name, Hispanic Organization Promoting Education, on a Wendy's yellow napkin. David and Angela (DNA) were those individuals. They walked away from that Wendy's with a vision bigger than themselves. After that, many long nights followed them. Sleepless nights working on events, chapter programming, dreaming of the endless possibilities and not skipping a beat to make the dreams a reality. 10 years ago DNA experienced laughs, tears, joy, and pain, yet persevered. And back then, it was only two of them; now that is no longer the case. YOU see, today is truly special because now YOU are sharing this journey with us.The long nights, the sleepless working sessions, the driving, the laughs, the tears, the joy, the pain, all of it still exists, but now we have a family we get to share and enjoy it with. You are that family, you are our HoPe Family. In honor of celebrating 10 years of HoPe, we want to provide a tribute to YOU. The student, teacher, team member, alumni, principal, donor, volunteer and advocate who has poured into HoPe. We want to THANK YOU! Thanks to YOU, we began with one school, 20 students and now we are at 60 schools with 3,500 members. We began with an Education Fair that transformed into a Leadership Conference and now we have hosted 8 HoPe Leadership Conferences with the last one having over a thousand attendees. Thanks to YOU, we have alumni being trailblazers and trendsetters as chefs, engineers, nurses, firemen, teachers, doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs along with many other professions. Thanks to YOU, students are being the first in their family to graduate high school, graduate college and join the workforce. Thanks to YOU, the HoPe Family is reinventing what it means to be LatinX in America. Thanks to YOU, we have accomplished much, yet we know this is only the beginning. JOIN US as we move into our next. In 2020 HoPe will become a national organization as we expand past the state lines of Georgia to continue raising up a generation who is daring, relentless, and successful. We believe every student is one caring individual away from being a success story. Thank you for being those individuals. Thank you for the past 10 years and let's celebrate the many years to come! Know that you are valued, know that you are cared for, and know that you have the HoPe Family with DNA rooting and believing in YOU! We love you and are here for you! Sincerely, HoPe."


Proceeds: All proceeds of this sale go to support programming for leadership development and educational attainment for Hispanic high school youth.

10 Years of HoPe T-shirt - Gildan

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