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The HoPe Legacy Scholarship is currently accepting applications.

The Legacy of HoPe - Est. 2022

Central to the work that we do with students is the belief and understanding that our students are capable of leaving behind positive and impactful legacies—in their leadership chapters, their high schools, and broader communities. The HoPe Legacy Scholarship is intended to recognize the hard work, personal aspirations, and the life-long legacy yet to be created by HoPe members. 

This scholarship opportunity is made a reality thanks to the support of community partners who wish to pour into the work we do with high school students, their families, and our communities. It is with the support of many of our partners, parents, educators, and community members that we are able to empower students to leave behind their own legacies in their schools and beyond.


Who is eligible?

  • This opportunity is open to all high school SENIORS who are CURRENT Legacy Leaders or members of a HoPe Leadership Chapter (or "HoPe Club").

  • The selection committee will confirm an applicant's active membership and participation as a part of the selection process. 


  • This scholarship opportunity has no immigration status criteria; thus students who may not be U.S. Citizens, Legal Permanent Residents, or other eligible non-citizens are highly encouraged to apply—this includes but is not limited to Undocumented students, DACA recipients, TPS recipients, and students who are L-/H-/U-Visa holders.


  • Recipients of the Scholarship will be announced on Saturday, April 22nd, 2023 at the HoPe Graduation Ceremony. 

  • If selected, you must attend the ceremony to receive your award. An exception is made for out-of-state HoPe Legacy Leaders and members.

2022 HoPe Graduation Ceremony

The inaugural HoPe Graduation was hosted in April of 2022 at the John C. Maxwell Leadership Center in Duluth, Georgia. It was a time to recognize and celebrate our class of 2022—Legacy Leaders and members, alike, for their personal and collective success these past four years.

Past Recipients of the HoPe Legacy Scholarship:


Jazmin Salgado-Gonzalez

Buford High School


Tatiana Cobos

North Cobb High School


Arianna Paredes

McClure Health Science High School


Melanie Castro-Coronado 

Duluth High School


Ana Ramirez

Buford High School

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